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What happened to Viper V2 Pro?

  • 28 March 2023
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After purchasing the Viper V2 Pro, I encountered an issue where the dongle malfunctioned just after two days of usage. As I reside in a small European country, reaching out to Razer support directly was not an option for me. Therefore, I made the decision to purchase a Hyperpolling Wireless dongle instead. However, I am unable to pair it with my mouse due to the need for a firmware update. Upon downloading the firmware update tool, I discovered that it requires the dongle to be plugged in.

I am feeling quite frustrated with the situation and am unsure of what steps to take next. I am disappointed with Razer's handling of this matter and feel let down by their lack of support.

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Contacting Razer Support is the 1st thing, that you should do.