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Wierd Sitatic / Flickering

  • 15 April 2019
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Some times I can see my numpad on the Razer Black Widow Chroma V2. That over on the numpad it sometimes comes with a quick flash, now I don't think the color is random, but the flickering is

I saw a thread, but nothing was told of how to fix this, but I did see Dekades Community Cowboy Posted to come in here if we still had any Questions or problems. So I'm here, pls help thanks :D

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2 Replies


Numpad flickering in white color once in a while. A lot of people with the same problem... and that post from ''Dekades'' is... like wtf, dude. With all due respect. You saw all those people with the same problem but you had to force them to create another topic in order to give support. As the first search from Google directs people to that topic it would be wise, to say the least, to stay in that same topic. But here we are again looking for a solution for our 200$ keyboard.
There is just 1 thing, I'm with anything related to forums. So I don't know anything but creating new "Post's"

But Dekades wrote to go to support which I did now.

(If I've done something wrong say it, otherwise i don't really care)