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20%++ CPU utilitization found on Synapse v.3.9.430.42305

HOW??? HOW IS THIS STILL AN ISSUE?!?  People have been complaining about this for LITERALLY over 3 years now and you have yet to fix the problem!  It’s gone away temporarily and been reintroduced at least 3-4 times based on my own limited searching of these very forums.

The ONLY reason I even purchased this was because I needed a mouse with programmable buttons that would retain their functionality over a bluetooth connection.  The ONLY one I could find was a Razer.  (I bought and returned 3 or more before eating the insane cost to get the functionality, only to run into this problem.

RAZER: This mouse cost ~$180!  For that kind of money, not only should this mouse be impeccable and BEYOND reproach, your driver should be ISSUE FREE, or at the very least an obvious responsiveness to user issues.  But SOME crazy how, this shoddy driver not only requires people to log in to your ridiculous, pointless Razer account just to use it, but also eats up nearly a quarter of the CPU time at idle, using extra battery power on laptops and heating up systems way beyond what is necessary for NO GOOD REASON!  No driver worth a damn should have ANY of these issues.  As an employer myself, I would literally FIRE a dev if they couldn’t fix this and make it right for my customers.  FIX YOUR PRODUCT!!!!!

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