Ambient Awareness Broke In Synapse Update For Anyone Else? | Razer Insider

Ambient Awareness Broke In Synapse Update For Anyone Else?

  • 3 April 2024
  • 2 replies

So everything was working great . I mean GREAT.

Across my Govee devices, Hue devices, Razer devices and even Aura Sync - everything worked.

That was until I upgraded to Synapse 20240402 After a pleasant forced restart, Ambient Awareness is just black, no light. No ambiance. No awareness. It reminds me of when it was broken before…..

I can’t create any new working AA profiles. All the other types of profile work too. I hate it when ambient awareness doesn’t work.

Please fix it, or just undo whatever just ruined my theatre room.



2 Replies

I don’t know why they constantly update a program that only makes things worse. My headphones worked fine after the update in January. But the company is desperately trying to only break, not fix, bugs.

Be strong.

I understand there’s a new Synapse Beta, but did they have to break the old one?

I’ve uninstalled everything and reinstalled. Now ambient awareness is working again.

….but now Hue isn’t loading. It’s like they reintroduced all the previous bugs back. It’s insane.