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Chroma Studio Battery Life Indicator

  • 9 September 2020
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I just received the new Razer Naga Pro and got the RGB charging dock with it, however it seems it is impossible to set the charging dock to show the battery level using Chroma Studio. The option is in the Quick Effects, but does not exists in the Advanced Effects using Chroma Studio. Is there something I'm missing?

Is it possible to add this feature into Chroma Studio? Or Alternatively let us pick Quick Effects or Advanced Effects on a device by device basis, instead of that option changing every device together, so that i can enable the Battery Level quick effect on my RGB charging dock, but keep my Chroma Studio effect on for the rest of my devices.

Thank you

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3 Replies

I actually just made an insider account to ask about this exact thing. I just got a Naga Pro and dock today, and thought it was very odd that the battery indicator colors aren't editable. I would love to have the battery level indicated via RGB but can't due to the colors clashing wildly with everything else I have.
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That is a little different than my request, but still a good idea and relevant. They definitely should add this feature into Chroma Studio and allow further customization of it, I also have the Nari Ultimate Headphones, and the RGB headset stand and would love to be able to set the stands colors based on the current charge of my headphones.
Been trying to figure that out myself. Kinda annoying how changing to advanced effects changes every device to advanced effects and the same for quick effects. I mean it doesnt really bother me that much, but it honestly would be nice to have at least some way to tell what my battery percentage is without keeping Synapse open.