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Good quality but lacks compatibility

  • 11 February 2021
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I loved Razer, since my first mouse deathadder in 2013. It’s durability and damn those chroma RGB, made it to even more shopping carts than it has ever before.

However, Razer has been struggling with its main app ‘Synapse’ for way too long and now with consoles to the party of keyboard and mouse, and usb C inserting the market and Various connecting methods. Razer compatibility is in complete chaos state. Old Razer products are stuck on synapse 2, new needs synapse 3.
You can use any keyboards and mouse in Mac OS or in a consoles but not to its full potential due to its lack of apps and support. Headphones aren’t safe from this plague either. With three connecting methods, (i.e. Bluetooth, wired and 2.4hz wireless dongle) it’s really tricky, if you are looking for one headset that works with all your current devices.
I personally didn’t bought Razer items because it works, I bought it cause I genuinely believed that it was the best. Tech is best when it works for me, it just works when I have to go around my convenience.

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