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How to make a TRUE toggle key with razer synapse.

  • 8 April 2024
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Fine, I’ll do it myself.

Firstly, I am using beta because I wanted to try its UI again.
You can do the same on 3.

First we start with the key binds.
We will be making caps lock.
You should delete the bottom and top of the quad, you should be left with two presses first a release and then a press.​​
Ad delays accordingly as well.
I am so mad that no one has thought of this.
I will be working on a way to make razer do something else while a key is released, its gonna be a wild ride with me.

​​​​​​None of you were helpful, you are all flawed and abhuman, lacking ambition, creativity, you disgust me.
If the moderators remove it for hate they too remove this information, to silence hate is weak, to face it with indifference takes a real strength, I am angry mad, and very tired of people getting in the way of progress.

I am tired. . . . of all the lackluster abilities within you shallow mimicries of humanity.
My disappointment is immeasurable, stand up and find out how things work dammit!
Where is the innovation!!!!!!! where is the problem solving?!?! you all are griping at bad software, find workarounds to your problems, share them too!

Feel free to show what tricks and workarounds you know below in this conversation, I’ll be trying to figure out how to make my toggle key displayed below zoom in while the right click is pressed, and zoom out once it is released.
​​​​​​I need not your luck, nor your wishes, this is fueled by hate for your less than acceptable archives.
I don’t hate you, I am disgusted and disappointed that people aren’t better than me.


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