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How to set up Toggle Run/Walk Macros??

  • 28 March 2020
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Anyone know how to set up a Toggle Run/Walk macro?

I've tried a few different options, but they dont seem to work.

Option 1:
I made a macro that recorded a Press/Depress for W, with zero delay. Then assigned Macro with "Toggle On/Off"
On Notepad, this key registers as if I'm holding down W.

But in game, it seems to register as thousands of up and down key presses, which doesn't cause the character to walk at a steady pace. Doesn't matter which game it is.

Same goes for Press/Depress of Shift+W.. Character doesn't actually run. Just sort of "moves" forward at a very jittery odd pace. Again, as if the game is registering thousands of Press/Depresses.

Option 2:
Recorded only the down press of W or Shift+W.

This works, but then you run into issues of it getting "Stuck". "Toggle on/off" does nothing to undo the press with a corresponding depress. So basically youre stuck with the W or Shift+W constantly being pressed.

The only way to interupt the Macro, is to switch profiles. But half the time, this causes synapse to freeze, or glitchout.... becoming unresponsive. Often this leads to the Keyboard being unusable until reboot.

Option 3 (Works, but tedious. Note from here on forward Press means to "HOLD" and Depress means to "Release")
Create Macro 1: Press W.
Create Macro 2: Depress W

Assign to two different keys. Set both to "Play once"

This sucks because you have to keep track of two different Macros/Keys for each Macro function. One to Activate, and one to Deactivate.

Option 4
Thought of this, and I might try it to see if this works. Probably the best working solution so far.

Create Several individual Macros: Example: Three different macros set to three different keys. One for Hold E, one for Hold W, one for Hold Shift.

However, only ONE macro to deactivate all other Macros.

Set a fourth Macro with a depress for each of the keys. So one macro has "Depress E, Depress W, Depress Shift".
If a given macro is not engaged, no harm no foul. It has no effect on the system. However any Macro still holding any of those keys will be interupted.

In summary: With the exception of Option 4, all the other solutions seem unworkable. Option 4 Isn't too bad.. But preferably it would be nice to only have to hit the same Macro-Assigned Key to toggle the press on and off.... and it doesn't seem like you can do that effectively.

Is there any other methods available?

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