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Is there any way of creating a TRUE TOGGLE KEY in Razer Synapse 3?

  • 5 March 2024
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Every guide I have found has you create two different macros, one that toggles the key down, and another that releases the key, then mapping those two macros to two different buttons. Why isn’t there a way to have a key function like Capslock does, where you press it once to activate it and press it again to deactivate it? If there is some way of doing this, please tell me.

The “Sequence” option on macros doesn’t work for this, as it will press then immediately release whatever key you add to it, then press and release the next key, and the next, each time you press the same macro button. Making a macro that has both “press” and “release” events for the same key with some delay between, and setting that to toggle, doesn’t work reliably either as there’s a very tiny portion of time in which the key is released, causing issues. It would be lovely to have a “toggle” option similar to the “turbo” option for single keys, and maybe something similar in macros for holding multiple keys at once. But until we get those, is there any way I can make a true toggle key happen?


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Hey, all future readers, I made this guide on how to do it. Apparently there’s some issue with the latest version though. This is working in the update prior to latest.