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Latest update, bout 6 days ago completely broke the software for TARTARUS PRO, anyone else?

  • 24 September 2023
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whenever the latest update was, bout a week ago -afterwards i cant use razer synapse to change the keybinds on any of my devices. (after this long, roughly 6 days i can change some of my devices, like some of my mouses, but my keypad, razer tartarus, the most important one imo still doesnt function properly on razer synapse as far as setting up my hardware using the new/bugged software.
after a fresh reboot i can change MAYBE ONE KEYBIND IF IM LUCKY, then its bugged out overlays and software again.

so the way it starts bugging out or acting after bugging out (which its bugged out the entire time 24/7 since update bout 6 days ago now) is that whenever i click on a key, the side window/overlay comes up (this is the part where you select what type of programming youre going to put on the keybind you selected -for me its “keyboard function” bc i want to set up my keybinds to play my damn game with my razer tartarus pro, simple enough!) but nope, the interface/overlay itself becomes unresponsive to clicks, the software is still running and i can select different keys “to change” but whenever and whatever i select i just get the bugged out/unresponsive overlay that doesnt actually let me change any keystrokes/keybinds, totally not infuriating . . 

Keyboard shortcut> Key Recording> “A” key
the drop down box for “Key recording” is unresponsive
the empty box where you click then press the key you want to override is also unresponsive

I can select other overlay options on the left, things such as;
Default, Controller, Joystick, Mouse function, Macro, Inter-device, Switch Keymap, etc, etc
BUT doing so puts the respective choices’ overlay ONTOP of my already existing “Keyboard Function” overlay - so it just turns into a big sloppy jumbled up bugged out mess of overlapping overlays that dont actually respond to clicks.
I CAN, after all this bugged out overlay ensues, click the “X” in the top right corner of the pop-up overlays to close them out, which cleans up the mess, but doesnt fix the problem.
after closing it out, whenever i click on a key to change again, bc previous attempt didnt change anything, i go back to the top of this blue writing, rinse and repeat.  

so ive been stuck not able to change much of anything on my tartarus so basically cant use my controller for any of my games. what a delight. please fix this issue its been about a week now. ive reinstalled, deleted all profiles, and ran as admin, out of ideas. 

about: Razer Synapse Version 3.8.930.91517

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I have seen the same issue as well, with function menus overwriting other function menus, but I haven’t yet found a way to reliably reproduce it.

The current version of Synapse is 3.8.930.92719.  Can you reproduce this problem with this version still?