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Lighting profiles not working

So I’m not entirely sure on how to describe this situation so please bare with me. There is probably an easy fix to my issue which I may be overlooking but here goes.

I have created 2 profiles for each of my system and mouse, those profiles named, Default and Gaming.

Each of these profiles have custom settings such as mouse DPI, key mapping, fan speeds, and LIGHTING.

Now, whenever I launch a game, Razer Synapse will automatically switch my system and mouse profiles to the Gaming profile which will alter the different settings previously mentioned, everything besides the custom lighting I created.

For whatever reason, as soon as I launch a game, the lighting on my keyboard and mouse will change to the desired effect for a whole 10 seconds and then switch back to the lighting I have saved on my Default profile. This is strange to me because all other previously mentioned settings will stay in effect, only the lighting will change and I have no idea why.

I have tried disabling Razer Cortex, linking the game I want to play to the Gaming profile, Turning off the connect feature but nothing seems to work. 

What am I missing ?


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I found my issue after realising the game in question has 2 application files for some reason. Razer Synapse game scan feature picked the wrong application so I manually added the correct application and applied that new application to all of my Gaming profiles, which seemed to have worked. 

Maybe somebody having similar issues will benefit from this thread.


I have just tried opening a different game and everything is working as wanted. The original game I was playing only seems to have this issue. Not only does it not keep my lighting effects, but it completely switched all of my profiles back to Default after around 10 seconds of booting up.