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Onboard Memory and lighting...WHY??

  • 22 September 2021
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Not 100% sure this would be the correct place to add this, but hey...here is hoping SOMEONE at Razer's RND or dev department sees this.

I have a Razer Deathadder for MAC OS X (so the white version) That I used daily now since 2008 and I love(ed) it.. only NOW has it started to give me a double click issue.
I have opened it up and repaired things (the side button broke and I am sure i already repaired a double click issue before in the past) before, but I think it might be time to move on

a few months ago my girlfriend decided to get me a Deathadder V2 to replace my 2008 one that I only decided to plug in now because my 2008 one is failing. And I was pressed for time and needed to get working, so couldn't try do a repair.

so... on to my issue...
I would like to understand why you can't store or assign a default colour or lighting setup on the Deathadder V2 and the SOC retains that setting?
it is 100% stupid that the mouse defaults to rainbow puke RGB cycling when starting up the system or plugging in without using the Synapse software. I mean COME ON RAZER!! MOST of your promo material for your Products have the defaults set to Razer green (which in my opinion is a great colour and brand), whether that's breathing or static makes no difference.

The Deathadder V2 has on-board storage/memory... WHY NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!
Allow the end user to set AND STORE a default lighting scheme. this should be simple enough and could even be linked to the profiles that are already able to be stored on the mouse. Or... am i missing the mark and this is not possible with how the current SOC is set up? I am pretty sure a firmware update could rectify this

I mean, one thing that someone mentioned (in a review) is that you could install synapse, do your setup of you macros and customize buttons, then remove synapse and the mouse still retains your settings. I like this feature as it would allow you to use the mouse on multiple systems.
BUT then the lighting stays rainbow puke?? WHY!!?? its frustrating. It would be so nifty and maybe even useful if you hit the profile button and the mouse lighting is a fire setting then you know at a glace, "oh.. this is profile 2" then you push the button again and it goes to blue breathing on the logo and green static on the wheel and you know that its now set to Profile 3 where you have your button 4 set to have a multi click macro. or something.

Seriously feel that Razer has COMPLETELY missed the mark and the opportunity to make a good mouse a SUPERIOR mouse.
would love someone in Razer's dev department to contact me and maybe I could help somehow.

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If you're using MacOS, then you'll should try open-source drivers/apps for managing Chroma settings (as Razer oficially abandoned Synapse 3 for MacOS): https://github.com/1kc/razer-macos

Yeah, I'm waiting too for ability to store Chroma profile onto the on-board memory. Maybe someday...

As for your older mouse - you can replace (solder a new mouse switches), and it'll be like new, it's fairly cheap and easy to do. That's how I've resurrected my original DA 1800DPI, after 7 years of intensive use 😉
@FiszPL I'm not on MAC, on windows, I bought the white version because at the time RGB wasn't a option at the time and I liked the white aesthetic, was something different.

I have repaired the DA once before (the side buttons broke) and I'm sure I have replaced a switch already in it too.
In the past I have repaired a few mice, so yeah, soldering in a new switch isn't hard at all or even spraying some contact spray into the switch can work. I just didn't have time to do it and had a new mouse on hand, but now I'm in a mixed state of frustration and joy... new mouse... no double click... slightly lighter (still debating if i like that or not) nice cable... and reboot machine, annoyed at rainbow puke and frustrated that Razer missed the opportunity to make this something way better than it is.