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  • 2 December 2019
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Oh Razer, your software engineers have gone mad.

I've had it with your driver software.

Synapse for my BlackWidow Ultimate which immediately breaks the keyboard (looking at you, doubletaps...) was bad enough.

I figured it couldn't get worse than that. Then I bought your Lancehead mouse and instantly regretted it the moment I saw what a nightmare your driver package for this thing is compared to my trusty old Lachesis. Nearly a 500mb download. For a mouse driver. As for the interface? Convoluted is an understatement when it comes to the design of this software. My first impression when I opened that driver suite was, verbatim - "Lordy Jesus, Razer got bought by Creative circa 2001!"

But the real fun started when I checked my task manager.

First, a list of background processes:

Firewall - ~25mb
A/V - ~80mb
GPU Driver - ~30mb
Printer services - ~15mb
RAID software - ~35mb

Razer mouse?

What. The. F@#$?!?!

And would my mouse driver integrate with my admittedly older keyboard manufactured by your company? God knows, this would offset some of my annoyance with your software packages. At least that would make sense and might even fix this broken keyboard.

Was that expensive and glitchy mechanical keyboard supported by your hogzilla software?

Well of course not! We need to have yet another process burning yet more resources because why the hell not?!


Don't know what ass your programmers inserted their collective heads into, but until that changes, I'm done with your hardware. I've owned and adamantly touted your products since your very first mouse, that old PS2 boomslang. Should have stuck with my Lachesis... 12 years old and the only thing that failed is the mouse wheel button. Simple, reliable, and streamlined software package to go with a good mouse. Alas, those days are gone.

The Lancehead will be returned. There's a rumor going around that Razer keyboards suffer from a lead deficiency. We'll take a trip to the firing range and put that rumor to the test.

Onwards to Logitech for a good keyboard... god knows who for a lefty-friendly mouse - but it won't be you, Razer!

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