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Razer studio conflicts with profile switching

  • 2 January 2021
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Hi everyone,

I just got a new mouse so I can finally move entirely on to Synapse 3. I made a lighting profile in the studio, for my mouse and keyboard, but I want it to change when I open a program.

Unfortunately I don’t get it working. I need to set a profile for a program for both my keyboard and my mouse. When I only switch one, the lighting profile will affect both my mouse and keyboard.

For example:

I have a ‘multimedia’ lighting environment and a ‘Photoshop’ lighting environment. In multimedia everything is orange. In Photoshop everything is blue.

I need to make a profile called multimedia and a profile called multimedia for both my mouse and keyboard. Then I link them both up to the corresponding lighting environment.

But if I switch my mouse profile first, the mouse is in Photoshop profile, while my keyboard is still in multimedia profile. So the lighting environments are conflicting.

I solved this now by not using the studio, but just setting the lighting for my peripherals individually. But this is a workaround. I’d like to have a profile for both my mouse and keyboard, and link that to a lighting environment. So that when I launch Photoshop, both switch to the right profile and the lighting environment changes both of them.

Is that possible?

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