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Razer Synapse does not work on Mojave with Ornato and Mamba

  • 3 February 2019
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Dear Razer and users,
I have read in a multitude of other threads that many of your products do not work reliably on the current version of Mac OS Mojave—contrary to your marketing materials—this support issue has plagued users for years.

I used Synapse on High Sierra more than a year back. After many emails to your support team, I concluded that Razer did not have the capabilities to support Mac users; I uninstalled all Razer software from my machine.

Now, a year later, I thought I'd give your software another go.

Unfortunately, I am disappointed with the lack of progress Razer has made to address support for the Mac over the past 12 months.

I am starting this thread in the hope that Razer will realise Mac users require more support.

I have the following products connected to my Mojave mac mini:

I am using the latest version of Synapse “Razer_Synapse_Mac_Driver_v1.85.dmg.”

I have granted Synapse full system access in the system preferences, security and privacy:
RZDevice Engine

Here is a list of faults with your software:
- Synapse fails to launch when clicked from the Finder toolbar and it causes the mac to slow down
- Synapse creates 30-40 profile duplicates for Ornato. After I delete them, they reappear the next day
- RZUpdater crashes and uses 94% of the system resources until I force quit it. When I force quit RZUpdater, it starts again and uses 94% of my CPU until I restart the entire computer
- On the occasions when Synapse does launch, it reports I need to level up Ornato, but it fails to ‘level up’
- When I select an Ornato profile after I wake the computer from sleep, it fails to load. On the rare occasions when Synapse does load, I have to reselect the profile manually for it to be the active profile.
- When Synapse does launch, sometimes it does not show the product image in the configuration window; it shows a blank image instead
- I have configured Ornato to switch off its lights when I put the computer to sleep. Although Ornato does initially switch its lights off, after the computer is asleep, the lights switch back on and off randomly.

These faults are similar to the deficiencies I experienced when using Synapse on High Sierra a year ago. Please inform the community if you are taking mac support for your software seriously. If you have no plans to fix this perennial problem, let me know so that I can sell my Razer products and move to a company that recognises the needs of Mac users.

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