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Razer Synapse Not Opening 2020

  • 28 December 2020
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Razer Synapse has not opened once after the installation of the program. I have a mouse and keyboard setup and after I plug it in I was prompted to install the application. After entering my Razer ID and confirming, the application immediately closes and after trying to open again, the software begins to open, but once the options appear, it immediately closes.

Now I already know there is a thread for this already, but I believe since it has been a year and has been updated multiple times, the software has changed and different issues occur. Also, nothing in the other thread seems to have been resolved because nobody specified. If anyone could provide updates on this thread, that would be great.

(I have also contacted Razer Support and to no avail. They do not seem to reply to me. If anyone has any updates or fixes please let me know)

If this is required, I purchased this keyboard and mouse on the 21st of December for my own Christmas gift.)

May the new year bring some good for us,

Please respond ASAP if you know what to do.

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