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Setting default device colors (Synapse logged out) & other issues

So we can't store a default STATIC color profile on to a Blackwidow keyboard while the PC is booting or powered off? That's just lazy poor engineering. Why is this still a simple feature that Razer can't do? My 5 year old Logitech stuff could do that easily. No wonder so many people hate Razer and Synapse. Lame.

Also, why do I have to use Synapse 3,0 for my new Blackwidow TE Chroma, but I have to use Synapse 2.0 (Razer Central) for my new Orbweaver Chroma?? I have to use 2 apps in the background? That's just stupid.

I just switched from an all Logitech setup to all new Razer stuff, but so far I'm not impressed. I think I need to return all this stuff and just buy a new set of the same Logi gear I had before. Is Razer stuff always this bad compared to other brands?

And the H keys keeps double-tapping! Grrr...WTF?

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Yeah a lot of people have been complaining that the older devices are ONLY supported in Synapse 2. I personally think it sucks. Also, as for you H keys, it could be a defect, tried asking for a replacement from wherever you bought it?
Thanks for the reply. I popped the key and used some alcohol to clean the switch. Works fine now.

If only I could fix their software so easily. 😞