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Synapse 2.0 (Legacy)

Hi all.

Sometimes we ask a question that we're pretty sure we already know the answer to....but we'll ask it anyway. I suppose sometimes we're just looking for confirmation or validation.

I'm pretty sure I know the answer I'll receive for what I'm about to ask, and I've even seen some current message threads in this sub-forum right here (Razer Synapse sub-forum).

Right now I have the Mamba Elite mouse. I had also had the Ornata Chroma keyboard too, but, ran into some problems with it, and had to return it. Yes, I am now typing all of this with a different keyboard, but no: it is not the Razer brand.

When I had had the Ornata Chrome keyboard and the Mamba Elite mouse at the same time, I had installed the Synapse 3 software program. Many years ago I had purchased - and had for a long time - the DeathAdder 3500 mouse, and for that I had had Synapse 2. But when I had the Mamba Elite & Ornata Chroma at the same time, I went for the Synapse 3 program (and had uninstalled the Synapse 2 program).

Well, something I had noticed about the Synapse 3 program when I had had it on my system: On my Windows 10, 64-bit system, I went to its install folder in Program Files, and I noticed that the size of it on my hard drive was....982 MB. Geez, that's nearing 1 Gigabyte. I felt that was a bit extreme. I remember when I had had Synapse 2 on my system, it was a little over 250 MB; that's more like it.

So, I wanted to uninstall Synapse 3 from my system since I wasn't going to have the Mamba Elite and the Ornata Chroma at the same time. I ran into problems uninstalling Synapse 3 from my system. I did it properly through the Control Panel/ Programs and Features. After the uninstall, it still left the folder on my system in Program Files, and, it would not let me manually delete it to the Recycle Bin. There was even a listing for it still in Task Manager/ Startup tab. I had to end up performing a Registry Edit, then was finally able to delete the remnants from my system.

As I'm sure you know, on Razer's main page at the top where you see "Products/ Software/ Community.....", if you hover your mouse over "Software", the drop-down menu contains "Synapse 3 IOT Drivers (Beta)". Personally, I've never really been too keen on items still in Beta. But, Synapse 3 has been like that for a while now. Who knows; perhaps that was why I had issues with uninstalling it.

Also in the Software drop-down menu is "Synapse 2.0 (Legacy)". If you click on that and go to its page, in part it says:

"Razer Synapse is our unified configuration software that allows you to rebind controls or assign macros to any of your Razer peripherals and saves all your settings automatically to the cloud." So, I thought I'd give this a shot to use with just my Mamba Elite mouse. It seems to install OK, but....the program will not launch so I am not able to customize my mouse.

At the beginning of my post, I mentioned seeing other posts in this sub-forum with issues similar to mine. There's one called "Razer Synapse 2 not opening": /razer-synapse-2-not-opening.50737/

And one called "Synapse won't open": /synapse-wont-open.39643/

So, since part of this web site's description for Synapse 2.0 is "Razer Synapse is our unified configuration software that allows you to rebind controls or assign macros to any of your Razer peripherals....", then why isn't it working for my system? Why can't I configure my Mamba Elite mouse with it?

Thanks for any helpful info. But like I mentioned at the beginning, I think I already know what the answer is going to be :big_grin_:


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