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Synapse is GARBAGE

  • 6 February 2021
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Due to Synapse, I'll be slowly swapping out my peripherals for others, probably Logitech, as I've never had any problem with Logitech in the past.

I've had Synapse installed on 3 of my costum built rigs, first two were Intel, my previous rig is AMD. ALL THREE RIGS have experienced audio issues across 3 different headsets >> Blackshark, Manowar, and Kraken headsets. Credit where credit is due, all my other peripherals are Razer, and work fine, but the issues I've experienced with Razer headsets over the years have convinced me that Synapse is the issue. Currently using the Kraken TE headset, and it loses sound during gameplay at least once per day, and it was like that with my last two builds. Our PC's are NOT the issue. The issue lies with Synapse, it's obvious.

The issues caused by Synapse and audio will a death knell. Will no longer purchase Razer products. Min has lost a loyal client, been using Razer products since the first Deathadder mouse. I'm thinking Razer really doesn't care about losing one client. Wondering how many more veteran gamers like myself are getting fed up with Synapse.

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