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Synapse Mice Profiles Switch?

I have a Naga Trinity that i’m Using the 7 Key Moba Attachment and i have a couple of Macros setup on it for daily work. I’m wanting to setup that profile as the “Default” per say, that is running all the time while not in ANY games. But I want to also set it up to where the “Standard” 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 default buttons are used on the standard Profile ANY time i’m in ANY game. Then if i want to set up spefific profiles for specific games, then that would be used instead of the “Standard” profile.


Currently i have to manually switch between Default and Standard profile, Is there any way that I can set this switch up to be automatic? I know that i can set up an individual game to use a specific profile, but 1, that doesn’t always change to the specified profile, i’m assuming that is happening because i have to manually switch to my “Default” profile which overrides the Auto game specific one? and 2, this individual one doesn’t switch back to the “Default” profile once i’m out of the game.

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