The "ripple" and "reactive" effect are not working properly on my Razer Blackwidow V3 | Razer Insider

The "ripple" and "reactive" effect are not working properly on my Razer Blackwidow V3

  • 30 April 2023
  • 5 replies

I have the entire board set to ripple with a green effect if any key is pressed but only pressing the “fn” key creates a response. 

5 Replies

I have the huntsman analog v2 and i have the same problem after 1 week of use, i “solved” the problem with a kind of “life hack”. Just launch synapse and go to the “profiles tab” and change the profile to default (just default, not default 1 and by the way delete this one if you have it) go the “keyboard tab” next to synapse tab, and close the window. And thats all, works for me but its weird. If i go to the other tabs or im changing the effects in chroma stuidio, it just stop working. I think that is my sheet toaster with 20’s and 99’s components, but i dont know (yes i have this keyboard with a toaster pc lol)

Any news? I have the same issue on the BlackWidow V3. 
Only the FN key shows a ripple...

Having this same issue with my brand new deathstalker v2 pro. Have you found any fix for this besides rolling the version back? It feels like there has to be something simple I'm overlooking

I’m getting this too. I had it for about four to five months and now it won’t respond. Instead, I get the green ripple effect. Let me know if you found a solution for this.

I rollbacked the version of synapse and it is working now. I went to 3.7.0428.041313