Why no 250Hz? #2 | Razer Insider

Why no 250Hz? #2

  • 20 December 2023
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Refreshing this topic: Why no 250Hz? | Razer Insider

This seems like an incredibly minor thing, but I kinda wish there was a 250 Hz option. For battery life purposes, I like to reduce polling rate when I don’t need my mouse to perform at its best. 125 Hz on desktop is perfectly fine, but with a 144 Hz monitor, the mouse’s polling rate falling behind my display’s refresh rate results in stuttery mouse movement when moving the camera in many games. 250 Hz would likely be the sweet spot for such games, but 500 Hz is the closest option available.

Unless there’s some bizarre bug in all Razer mice or just in Synapse, presenting this option shouldn’t be an issue, right?

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