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[RAZERSTORE] Razer Cyber Weekend Early Access

  • 11 November 2022
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Brace yourself for the early arrival of Cyber Weekend - and blaze your way to victory with a range of exclusive offers up to 55% off that will immerse you in the unfair advantage. Offer ends November 23, 2022.

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34 Replies

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Thanks for great offers!
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this time i'm adding it to my calendar so i don't miss out again!

basically just set a reminder to go off daily
Sadly, US only :frown_:

US only :slightly_sad: and no 11.11 Singles day on Razer zsilver catalog this year ? (sadpanda.jpg)

I guess it's not available for some countries but it's available in Australia.
Up to 70% off (the Anzu Smart Glasses are 70% off, maybe the only product with that discount and I guess they're not selling all that well), not up to 55% off as Dekades said :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
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wallets getting thinner this weekend!!
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Yes, more deals please.
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US only. But hopefully come BFCM there'll be deals internationally..!
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