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Facebook Messenger help staff are top notch!

  • 11 September 2023
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I had a fantastic experience with the Facebook Messenger help staff for the Razer page. The support team member helped me (although unsuccessfully) troubleshoot my device and helped me discover the issue is likely due to accidentally buying an Amazon "renewed" device, when I thought I was purchasing from the same listing I bought from previously (official Razer new item).


This team member created a support ticket for me, because with a non-working mouse I was unable to access any support via Synapse. I am very satisfied with the help I received, and hopefully the troubleshooting support team can further assist me, but if not I was able to find a working mouse in my "spare mice" bag, so I'm happy with the outcome of my Messenger conversation even if my issue with my non-working mouse is not resolved beyond throwing it out and calling it a loss. Now I know to look for the word "renewed" and not trust Amazon "renewed" items.

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