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thanks for all your help support team

  • 21 December 2023
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To all the Razer support team members thanks for dealing with customers hopefully you all have a good Christmas and new years stay safe have fun remember to play some games. 


Was an interesting years that definitely could have worked out better for a few projects. Hopefully next year we can release the delay projects on a world wide scale and get the websites updated better and faster when needed. Changes to firmware and drivers Hopefully coming to make customers life better.    Maybe a razer raspberry-pi-5 version anything possible. How does razer support the new portable gaming industry. Hopefully it will be the razer edge phone  and tablet options who seen one?    Also really need razer router updated soon or like 2 years ago.  


Thanks for helping customers 

Don't forget about me hiding in Canada 

Hopefully no more crazy weather. 

Jeff Martin

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