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RAZER Trade In Program

  • 17 June 2023
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Hope everyone is doing awesome!

I saw two topics about creating a Razer Trade in program. I believe this would be a great idea but of course would create a hassle for Razer since it makes things more difficult. But at the same time, since Razer is focused on being green… it would make sense for them to start a Trade in program. Because with a trade in program, if they follow the same principals like Apple, Razer can also earn profit from this while making it easier for the consumer to purchase new technology for much cheaper when trading in.


Overall, this is something to definitely think about.

1 Reply


I would seriously consider trading in (and up) every year if this was an offering!

Razer’s program should certainly look at an cell phone type model where a trade-in gives some good discounts on new purchases.