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2024 Razer Blade 16 Mini-LED - Thank you Razer!

  • 9 February 2024
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Well, having tried and returned two 2023 Razer Blade 16 Mini-LED models (one with RTX 4080 and another with RTX 4090) over various display issues I crossed my fingers and bought a 2024 Razer Blade 16 mini-LED with the RTX 4090 and am very happy with the display.  The single dimming option yields spectacular results for standard use and the multi-dimming zone selection is equally spectacular for gaming and watching movies.  

Though I am not aware of any audio changes to the 2024 model, I would swear the audio is better as well.  I also have the impression the fans are producing a higher quality, lower decibel sound.

My only small critique on the display is that the single dimming zone control (i.e. ‘LOCAL DIMMING’) is not part of a ‘profile.’  As a result, unlike other settings in Razer Synapse I can link to the launch of games, I have to manually toggle local dimming on or off.  I assume that is just a bug they will fix.

While I need to do more performance testing (so far so good) and do an undervolt, I am very happy.  This year’s Razer Blade 16 mini-LED is the best gaming+creator on the market IMHO.

Big thanks to Razer for sticking with it and improving this system.

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Its really nice to see Razer actually fixed all the mini LED issues from the 2023 model silently along with a good oled display, just a bit disappointing to see the mini LED only for the 4090 and not the 4080. Otherwise, good job Razer