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Blade 16 bios disabled undervolting....

  • 13 September 2023
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I wasn’t undervolting today, but I just received a new cpu cooler this afternoon and wanted to see the possibilities. I installed the bios released yesterday when Synapse notified me. I’m dumb and didn’t read bios notes.

I couldn’t find undervolting options in synapse and then checked the notes and razer took away undervolting.

Anyone know why? It doesn’t look like I can get and downgrade to an earlier bios so I guess i’m stuck.

My temps are pretty toasty and I was hoping the fan/undervolting mix would help. Bummer.

Here’s my current temps with max settings, and a  laptop cooling fan on max. averages are ok, but those spikes…..



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On 9/27 Razer released an updated Bios that added undervolting protection option. This replaced the undervolting protection option in synapse.

Thank you for the fix Razer.

You are not the only one who is troubled by this. Previously, I had been using the Intel XTU to undervolting and had made many configuration files, and the entire machine performed perfectly, quiet and with sufficient performance.

Then, I foolishly updated the latest BIOS, and now I can't do anything but watch the temperature skyrocket, the fan noise is loud, and the performance is weak.

In my opinion, such a user experience is disastrous for such a device.

I hope you don't mind my poor English, as I am from a non-English speaking country, so I have used AI translation.