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Blade 16 bios disabled undervolting....

  • 13 September 2023
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I wasn’t undervolting today, but I just received a new cpu cooler this afternoon and wanted to see the possibilities. I installed the bios released yesterday when Synapse notified me. I’m dumb and didn’t read bios notes.

I couldn’t find undervolting options in synapse and then checked the notes and razer took away undervolting.

Anyone know why? It doesn’t look like I can get and downgrade to an earlier bios so I guess i’m stuck.

My temps are pretty toasty and I was hoping the fan/undervolting mix would help. Bummer.

Here’s my current temps with max settings, and a  laptop cooling fan on max. averages are ok, but those spikes…..



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You are not the only one who is troubled by this. Previously, I had been using the Intel XTU to undervolting and had made many configuration files, and the entire machine performed perfectly, quiet and with sufficient performance.

Then, I foolishly updated the latest BIOS, and now I can't do anything but watch the temperature skyrocket, the fan noise is loud, and the performance is weak.

In my opinion, such a user experience is disastrous for such a device.

I hope you don't mind my poor English, as I am from a non-English speaking country, so I have used AI translation.

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On 9/27 Razer released an updated Bios that added undervolting protection option. This replaced the undervolting protection option in synapse.

Thank you for the fix Razer.