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[CES 2022] RAZER BLADE 14 - The Ultimate 14" Gaming Laptop

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The fastest 14" gaming laptop is now even faster. Meet the new Razer Blade 14 - armed with an all-new AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX CPU, the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Ti Series GPU, ultra-fast DDR5 4800MHz memory, as well as a brand new 1080p camera. Learn more about The Ultimate 14" Gaming Laptop: https://www.razer.com/gaming/laptops/razer-blade-14

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I bought the TB4 dock and using it with 2020 G14 - only one of my Raptors works. Hoping the 2022 Blade 14 will be able to drive both.

It’s most probably usb C limitation bandwidth, same with blade 14 ryzen, if you’ve thunderbolt I can confirm Razer thunderbolt dock can output dual monitor from single connection to thunderbolt port, funny thing though that peripherals doesn’t work on thunderbolt single connection which against having a thunderbolt dock, but maybe it’s because thunderbolt 3 on 2018 blade 15 or drivers related with it and I didn’t search further since I’m using the dock with blade 14 and mbp14 2021 mostly. On MacBook it’s all recognised dual monitors, peripherals, slotted storages and charging which’s great.
Very nice device but the price is the hammer. I would also like to see a cheaper Razer notebook here. Maybe one from the office series. Cheaper CPU, same case but for less than 800 Euros. I know Razer only makes high-end products, but I would prefer a cheaper version here. So to say as a start :)

There’re affordable Razer book 13, but for €1100 entry level, for less than €800 there’s no better build new laptop you can find out there I think especially due current chip shortage situation. Older XPS 13 entry models sometimes on retailers deals come to that price but it doesn’t have a good cooling and build is also better on Razer’s laptops, Apple could do that actually since they make their own chip, but arm architecture isn’t for most poeple and due same chip shortage and even before that they put entry level MacBook Air already over 1K mrsp.