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Downgrade 2023 blade to win10

  • 21 September 2023
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Looking to finally upgrade to a proper modern laptop but having to use preinstalled win11 is a dealbreaker for me.

Call me old fashioned or whatever but I’m wondering if it’d be possible to downgrade to 10 on a 2023 blade?

I did some research but there isn’t really a good answer out there, apparently it can cause some issues. Just trying to see if anyone here has more info.



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It was shipped with win11, so you cannot downgrade, but you can do clean Win 10 install.

Windows 10 or 11 install, for downgrade you need Windows 10 SN.No.

First @ all
No backup, no Mercy !!!

1. search for your calibration file of your Blade display > *.icm (blade.icm) and safe it external, remember the place from where you are copied it
2. get the free Acronis Backup programm of your SSD Producer (the most give it for free)
3. make a backup with ACRONIS of your working System and safe it external
4. Safe the SN. No. of your Windows and other paid programs
5. Download the program "PeaZip" (freeware) and safe it external´
6. Install PeaZip and extract your ACRONIS Backup external
7. Install your new Win-System
8. Check the device manager for missing driver, click on the unknown device, and point for the missing device to your extracted backup > do so for all unknown devices
9. Install the downloaded "NVIDIA"-driver
10. copy the "blade.icm" file to his original place and install ond register it
11. Install the Razer Synapse + other free programs
12 Update Windows, don´t use INTEL updater or other device updater if you want an stable System

feel free to ask