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USB-C GAN CHARGER | Compact Power

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This is the ultimate travel companion... Although the price is a bit steep.

For people who work on the go for sure, I'm not one of them.
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Small but convenient
I sincerely hope that this charger becomes the standard for all Razer laptops that charge at 130W or less.
Looks a bit big
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Nice, but i don´t need that.
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$180 for a charging brick. Let that sink in. Sure it might be the best performing charging brick ever but at the end of the day its still a charging brick.
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very niche product for loaded folks that actually have the first world problem of having too many devices and no way to charge them all at the same time
Just wondering do the included plugs support AU standard?
Always needed that
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Waiting "in stock" in Asia-pacific continent~~~
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What's GaN and why do you need it?
Charge a laptop?? For how long?
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Wow! Hope this one will not put a big hole in my pocket.

it is probably going to be a big hole.
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Charge a laptop?? For how long?

maybe just need it to be long enough to squeeze in whatever we were doing?
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Badge +1
kinda bulky for everyday use...

But good if you're traveling to different countries :)
No problem with adapters.
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Hello friends,

Razer USB-C GAN CHARGER is a very good product, very compact.

But I prefer to wait for cables, charger and Razer Blade laptops compatible with new USB-C release 2.1 240W
This is going to be too great, just USB-C 2.1 for all peripherals and even charging your laptop.
What is GaN though? Gaming and Naccessories? Get a Network? Got almost Nothing? Geeks and Nerds?

Gallium nitride.....

Small enough to fit in your pocket! The new Razer USB-C GaN Charger combines tremendous charging capability with ease of use, all while being able to charge up to 4 devices at once, including Razer Laptops, peripherals, smartphones, M1 MacBook's and more.

I dont have a mobile device XD
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Just wondering do the included plugs support AU standard?

No, only those 3 countries listed and shown. Not on the AU store anyway :smile_:
this is excelent for people who move alot, great little device
Can it supply 12 rtx 2070s?

Only 12....?

Don't worry, the market is about to be flooded by non-HODL'ers
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I'd prefer a 3 USB and 1 type C version.
looks like have to get a big size pocket needed. Haha
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