• 17 January 2022
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I was looking for a on-ear bluetooth headset and truely i dunno what to choose.
I bought a pair of Razer Opus, so you can get what i like and suggest me maybe, but i had a few problems so i sent them back but, now i see the entire store and i don't, really, know what to buy now. I tought someone of u can help me with some advices.

Ouh for someone who want a sort of a review for the Razer Opus Late Model by the way, i really suggest them if u want an high quality audio but not too loud. Altogether the sound is very clean and perfect but the max volume doesn't reach that far. Everything is balanced perfectly. The ANC works great, if u are listening to a podcast or music or even gaming u will not be bothered no more, at least for noises not too loud. The pavillions are comfortable, not too big and ur head can handle them even if u have a big head. THX Sound preset is pretty good. I had a few problems with my pc playing at Rainbow Six Siege or other games, with this headset, 'cause the Hands-Free mic that u will have on ur active devices had some problem with it and my audio was really disturbing, but it is a Windows 10 problem too, so i had to remove the hands-free microphone from my active devices to have a great audio instead. With the iPhones work really really great.

Audio: 9/10
Noise Cancellation: 7/10
Comfortability: 9/10
Bluetooth: 10/10

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