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Honest Review of the Nari Ultimate Headset

  • 23 March 2021
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First post, but I had to:

I spent $400CAD on these to replace faulty Astro A50's and not really impressed all that much. A little bit of background. I am an IT director. I use my headsets across my PC, Xbox Series X, PS5, and various laptops for gaming, video conferencing, watching movies, music, etc. I like wireless headsets because in 2021 wires should not be needed. I understand that this headset isn't really marketed for Xbox, but it does say it works with it and it's on the box. It doesn't work with my PS5 which pisses me off a bit but whatever.

Overall scores:

  • PC - 7/10 - good volume, haptics are a cool addition especially for FPS gaming and they are comfortable, mic is lackluster though.
  • Xbox - 4/10 - haptics don't work for Xbox (non-Xbox version), the volume is low, no adjustments or software, really crappy mic.

Overall look and feel: 6/10
They fit snug, rotating cuffs, and look good. the buttons and knobs are cheap. especially the chat/game adjuster. You would expect a $400 headset to have decent materials and switches but unless you adjust the chat/game just right you don't get anything out of these things. The input placement (USB and 9mm) is just silly. Unless you have a long neck they get in the way if you want to use it while charging or playing on Xbox.

Functionality: PC - 7/10 and Xbox - 2/10

  • The volume is not the greatest, they are somewhat loud but not really. my Astro's were way louder which if you play FPS... you get it. On the Xbox (non-Xbox version), it's really quiet. however, the spatial sound is pretty good for both PC and Xbox, similar to my Astro's.
  • The haptic feedback is cool and can be dialed right up using the software (which you need on the PC for all the extra features). It doesn't work on the Xbox (non-Xbox version), which it doesn't tell you on the box. that would have been nice to know.
  • The dials are like something you would buy at a Radio Shack or E-bay and behave as you would expect. you move them just a bit and the changes are very dramatic. Fine tuners need not apply.
  • The Mic. well on the PC it seems to work alright if you have your headset turned down to about half. Don't even bother on the Xbox (non-Xbox version). feedback is all you get, so unless you want to play hot potato with the mute button (if you have one) don't even bother with these. In the heat of battle or a boss fight, I don't want to be searching for the stupid mute button on the headset or the controller.
  • Input plug placement. If you have shoulders you will hate these. they fit so snug to you which is great, but any noises rubbing on the outside.... say a wire rubbing up against your shoulder as you move your head around a bit is really pronounced.

Look Razer (if you even read these) I have spent thousands on faulty things from your company (Mice, Keyboards, Headsets, accessories, laptops) and I am always in one way or another disappointed. I don't know why I don't learn my lesson but in this case, I was really excited about the haptic stuff which "technically" works as advertised so good job there. But the crappy knobs and mic just ruin it for me, even on the PC. another $400 CAD gone but I learned my lesson this time.

After writing this I noticed you have an Xbox version. My question is why not make one that works for all? is it just money? So I shall impart some probably totally unwanted knowledge from my non-sales orientated mind.

There used to be this store down the road from me. Everyone would go there to buy their gas and tobacco products. They always had their products way lower than everyone else in town. They hired me once to install a new server and network cabling for cameras. I asked the guy why he keeps the prices low and he said "well if you provide honest stuff at an honest price, people will notice" That family now owns all the stations in three towns.

If you guys were to make a headset that does it all or at least a couple of the things at the same time that people are looking for, then the price of $400 CAD is not unreasonable. but at that price, then expect me to buy a totally different headset for my Xbox for another $400 CAD, that's just not happening and I make good money. Think about people that make an average wage.

I now have 3 headsets. Astros for my TV, Nari's for my PC, and new Microsoft Wireless for my Xbox. soon I'll be able to find the PS5 specific headset, and I'll have 4 headsets in the space of my office.

2 Razer pros that don't work (1 year after buying), Razer soundbar for PC, also not switching from Bluetooth to optical for some reason. 3 or 4 mice that stopped clicking properly or stopped responding after updates, and many keyboards that just fail (mind you I am very hard on Keyboards with my job)

Cheers to all who read this and stay safe!!

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thanks for the detailed review
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Really nice detailed review!
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