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morse code noise coming from microphone

  • 28 March 2023
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I recently bought a new Razer Kracken X headset and it has been working fine for weeks, but the fast few days on both pc calls and ps5 party chat people have been telling me that my microphone is making some sort of beeping noise every now and then and that is sounds somewhat like morse code. what do you suggest? is there a way to sort this or is the headset broken? The headset i bought is the wired version if that helps

1 Reply

If you're encountering Morse code-like noise emanating from your microphone, it could be indicative of electromagnetic interference or a hardware issue. To address this:

  1. Check Surroundings: Ensure there are no electronic devices causing interference nearby.

  2. Secure Connections: Confirm all microphone connections are securely in place and undamaged.

  3. Test Another Microphone: Swap out your microphone with another to determine if the issue persists, isolating potential hardware problems.

  4. Update Drivers: Ensure your audio drivers are up-to-date and check system audio settings for any anomalies.

  5. Professional Assistance: If the problem persists, seeking assistance from technical support or considering a microphone replacement may be necessary.