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no new Speaker THX for over 6 month?

  • 7 October 2023
  • 3 replies

Why is there no new ‘THX Environmental mode’ audio options games been added for well over 6 month.  Bought the Nommo v2 Pro and this has been a huge let down in support from Razer. 

Headset there are about 55 supported games, speakers 6.  Razer need to get their act together for expensive features that advertise this feature and nothing has changed since day 1 release!   

3 Replies

Still no improvements 10months in!

Have you had luck with getting the spatial audio to work well? I’ve tried all kinds of settings, pre-settings and it just sounds like it’s rattling around in a tin can. 

No, i changed my EQ setting which improved, but still sound very tinny! 
Very disappointed, no improvements from Razer for over 12 months, my Leviathan V2 sounds so much better than Nommo Pro v2 that cost 2x as much!