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Opus headset snapped, retailer won’t help

  • 26 November 2022
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Hello,bit frustrated need advice.

Husband got me white opus headset for wedding last year. they are great at cancelling noise and super comfy. Not had any problems till this week.

took them off my head after watching Netflix and CRACK as they lifted off my ears they split on both sides along the seam. The white plastic just ‘went’. I figured this must be a manufacture fault cause plastic and no accidental damage. So I took them to Argos (UK) where we bought them and they said ‘even though we have a two year gurantee unless you paid extra for cover we aren’t going to replace it’
proper rude. Anyway we knew that went against our consumer rights, and the fact they said they’d honour Razers guarantee online (still on their headphone page) but no one will help so coming here because we didn’t buy from razor direct but know they will honour the guarantee.

So Razor- can you help?

Amy and Alex

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