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Questions about the new Barracuda headsets

Hey guys

Im in need of a new pair of headphones and I just came across the new headset lineup and Im really interesed in them, but Im really not sure what I should get. I have a couple of questions about them but not many answers available yet since the product just came out. I searched for reviews, but I couldnt really find anything about the non-pro version of this.

I don't know if some of you already got them, but if so, I would like to ask you some questions.

- Is there a big difference in sound and build quality between the Barracuda and the Barracuda Pro ?

- If possible, I would like to have the choice between using it wired (Im connecting my headphones to my mic for audio feedback) and wireless. I know that the Pro version doesnt have a 3.5mm port, but would it be possible to use a USB-C to 3.5mm with it ?

- Do you have any other suggestion ? If the non-pro version isn't great, maybe should I just forget about the wireless aspect and get something completely different like the DT 700 Pro x instead ?

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