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Razer nari ultimate review

  • 15 August 2021
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I will start this post by saying ive been using razer products for about 12 years and have been a dedicated fan
but, this product broke me

to start ive got my first pair (had to get another one)
about 9 months ago,
and i will say, it was the most enjoyable gaming headset ive owned and the haptics are really cool and fun when you get used to them, and they worked perfectly,
but then comes the problem,
the first set i had had the plastic part holding the earcuff crack and eventually break due to pressure being exerted onto it from an inside spring, which made my warranty null when i took it to the store,
a bit later on the battery stopped working and it wouldnt charge or turn on,
i had to open the headset up and fixed it which kept it alive for one more month before the battery died completly and i ended up with a 200$ headset shaped decoration
but, i liked the product in its glory days so much i decided to buy another one,
problem is, this one works even poorer then the last one, less range random glitches and noises and now after one and a half month of use a dead battery.
i would love to recommend this product but i just cant, ive been so dissappointed and feel like i threw the cash i spent on it away,
unless you really want to experience the haptics there is no reason to get this headset over any other wireless headset by razer or any other manufacturer

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