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THX Spatial Audio - Razer - My Thoughts

  • 31 January 2023
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I was really looking forward to this, and to test it out.

I am afraid it was a major let down:

It uses HRTF to down mix the 5.1 / 7,1 audio from games / or any audio source,

Thus emulated surround sound, which is what I thought.

HRTF is very good, I use HeSuVi, which has umpteen different HRTF pre-sets to choose from. and it is very good.

But I just tested this THX Spatial audio from razer:

  • Its a stand alone app, runs out side of Synapse (major Let down)

  • The demo with in the app, to test the surround sound, after adjusting it, doesn't seem to work. As it goes round your head, the positioning of sound in the headset does not relate at all.. Very poor, compared to HeSuVi, Dolby Atmos App, and DTX Sound Unbound, or even windows spatial audio. There seems to be no positioning at all.. And the demo THX film on the last page, its a mess, nothing sounds where it should be. But i watch the same vid, using HeSuVi, then it is correct

  • THX should have just brought out a windows store App, like Dolby, and DTS have done, and allow it to work in the windows menu as Dolby and the others do..

  • Having to rely on buggy razer drivers, Sorry Razer, but its true...

  • Do not buy this in its current state.. Poor show from Razer and THX....

These are my own thoughts, on a first play through, I will keep playing with it to see if I can get it working as it is supposed to.. But first impressions, not good..

3 Replies

using Razer USB Audio
using Razer viper 8k

when it works, it works very well, but you have to sit and troubleshoot a lot to get it to work as intended

if you not do anyting this problem persists and will not be gone just like that
Windows update killed the THX Spatial on my laptop (15" Advanced, 2021) . I've been trying to convince Razer Support that their THX integration is sub-par.

They continue to try and troubleshoot... Not an ideal customer experience, at all.

I've told them:

I reset to factory, and THX is there.
I then perform Windows Update, and THX is gone.

Literally two steps, and only one step away from factory reset.
What really gets my goat is that i bought a $180 headset, and have to purchase another $20 piece of software to make it work as it states on the product page.
It clearly states there that "THX Spatial Audio" is a feature. Freaking crap irritates me to no end.