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[GPU_TALK!] Closing the gap between the board and heatsink~~~

  • 22 July 2021
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What you see is a GPU heatsink and GPU board (heat source).

In one of my GPU_TALK! thread, I have discussed it is important to get the correct thermal pad size and close the gap between the heat source and heat sink. Leaving a gap does not help with cooling down the heat from the GPU. Thermal conductivity of heat transfer will be incomplete.

Other thing that can cause a gap, are GPU screws that is used to enclose the chassis.

The important lesson is, you must align the screw holes properly before screwing in the screws.

If the screw holes are not aligned properly, you might not be able to enclose the chassis.
Miss-aligned screw holes and attempting to force the screws in; it will push the other side of the board, eventually creating a gap between the heat source and the heatsink.

I noticed that my GPU heat sensor was at 87 degrees Celsius when I play games. I found this odd, since I just replaced both my thermal paste and thermal pad.

I did recall, I was trying to force screw in 2 of the screws, which might have left a gap in between the circuit board and heatsink.

GPU thermal paste and pad replacement is not rocket science, but requires some handy DIY skills.

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