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My battleStation and nerdHQ...

  • 5 February 2019
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Ok guys, its been since the early 2000's since I built my own gaming i doing it right?

MSI Gaming M7 Motherboard
Intel 7700K OC'd @ 4.7Ghz
Corsair H110v2 AiO cooler
16GB GSkill Trident RGB @ 3200Mhz
EVGA GTX1080 Hybrid
LG 32GK850G, gsync @ 165hz
Philips Hue Play (monitor backlight)
Philips Hue (Lighting)
Samsung Odessey HMD (WMR)
Razer Kraken 7.1 v2
Razer Nari Ultimate
Razer Mabma Elite
Razer Huntsman Elite

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7 Replies

that's nice
you didn't even say you had your VR setup
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It's in there, listed as Samsung Odessey (Windows Mixed Reality). Also just added a Nari Ultimate to the mix (love!). Edited!
oh sorry I didn't know it was called that
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Creative setup! Keep gaming! 🙂
I love it, maybe invest in a bigger mousepad.
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I love it, maybe invest in a bigger mousepad.

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