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Revamping my new Battlestation

  • 27 April 2020
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Last time I upload my previous setup and most of you suggest that the mouse space is too small. After more than half a year later, I finally found a suitable computer desk that perfectly fit in my room!

This is my FIRST time to build the desk by my own!!! After that, feel that it's too deem in my station. Therefore, I bought two need stuff to fill the chroma in my room!

- Razer Firefly V2
- Razer laptop chroma stand

To be honest, the laptop stand is definitely overpriced... But I just want full RGB that can control by Synanpes3.

What do you guys think:wink_:

To build this desk was an absolute panic to me :mad_:

Alongside with a photo of my previous setup

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4 Replies

Very nice setup
Nice setup and the kitty kraken just standout..
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Nice upgrades!
Looks great, hope you have enough mouse space now!