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which one razer or custom pc

  • 22 November 2020
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which one i cant decide

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Razer. Its more reliable and it has a warranty right out of the box.
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You're comparing laptop to custom PC. Each have it's advantages and disadvantages.
Razer Blade would be portable, but also more expensive, than custom built PC. On the other side on custom PC you'll be able to make more modifications, addons etc.
Personally, I would go for a custom by somebody like Maingear, they have a model that uses the PC O11 Dynamic Razer Editon and has fairly good prices.
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Razer. Whenever you need help or assistance, their customer support are always there to help. While if you do custom made pc then you will be on your own unless you're that tech savvy...sadly...I'm not.
I would go for Razer laptop because I can be able to play game or do my job anywhere I go.
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I would go for a Razer laptop. It's durable, efficient and they have a warranty. If you choose a custom PC, you can have your own modifications, but it may also be costly on the long run if you need repairs or replacement on some parts of the device especially if the issue occurs over and over again.
depends if you want a laptop or a desktop