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Another Synapse Wont Launch Thread

  • 8 April 2020
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Just got a Seiren X mic. I installed Synapse 2, which of course doesn't launch just like everyone else. Further windows was only seeing the Seiren as speakers. I uninstalled everything (application, manual delete of all remaining directories in appdata and windows in general), removed device from device manager. Then installed Synapse 2 again, reconnected the device and now at least windows sees it as a Mic and Discord can pick it up.

However, I can't alter the pick up pattern, which is the whole reason I bought this mic in the first place.

I've tried every work around I've found on the forum. Reinstalled clean multiple times, tried old versions, tried installing surround, even tried Synapse 3 just for shits and giggles. Is there any other way to alter the pick up pattern than Synapse?

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The Seiren X is not supported on any version of Synapse. There is also no way to change the pickup pattern.