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KIYO PRO | Advanced Imaging. Absolute Fidelity.

  • 23 February 2021
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Advanced imaging. Absolute fidelity.

Achieve the highest standards of streaming and video calls with the new Razer Kiyo Pro - a Full HD USB webcam with a cutting-edge adaptive light sensor that adjusts to any lighting condition while streaming at 1080p 60FPS or 30FPS when HDR is enabled. No more excuses for having your camera off.

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42 Replies

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The power of the next generation Webcam could be in your hands.
Go! Go! Go! Go!
This is interesting. Does anyone know if the field of view settings are optical? Like, does a narrower FOV have effectively a lower resolution? Doesn’t seem to say either way, it would be a bit disappointing if it was but lots of nice features, HDR is more interesting than 60 fps for me.
The upgraded Kiyo with more features packed in it. First of all i really love its stealthy aesthetics.
The left-right and up-down swivel movements with the HDR/SDR features and 60FPS is great add on for this.
It's got a really good hands on review below, for those who need. Cheers.

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Hello friends,

Very good new webcam, its sensor is really very powerful and without compression.
I thought there would still be a ringled for Razer Kiyo Pro.

It is true that Neewer brand makes very good ring light or a led panel, really not expensive.
It's the perfect lighting.

But when Razer Kiyo was announced in 2017, I really liked idea of lighting and webcam combo.
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Where's the lighning ring? 😛
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Well there is no webcam that is gonna make me look pretty even with the best AI and any filters xD
Does this not have the ring?
Must buy must buy
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nice cam for make streaming.
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Well there is no webcam that is gonna make me look pretty even with the best AI and any filters xD

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Oh damn! Another great product here! Alert! Alert!
Very Cool! But no RGB? How would people know that I'm a gamer?
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just in time to upgrade mine!
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seen a few reviews, very nicely done. no longer looks like a toy cam!
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WOW ! Just WOW !!!
Am I the only one thinking it miss the light of the previous one ?
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Damn, this new Kiyo is sickkk
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Even if it doesnt have the lighting ring around it i still kinda like it.
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really great stuff!
I really like it!
Just got this after all the reviews said this would be great for productivity. I can get it set up in Synapse looking just how I want it, but when I try and use the camera in any meeting app like Zoom, or Teams, I get a crappy no hdr, only ultrawide FOV, view. This is going right back to the store. useless to configure the darn thig in Synapse and then the camera ignores all the setting anyway.
Looks cool
Hmm, not really worth the price...