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Kiyo Pro Ultra - Blur/Bloom around edges

  • 26 June 2023
  • 3 replies

Hi everyone 


i have just received my pro ultra, and have been setting it up anf playing about with it in OBS, but i have just noticed no matter that i do i cang get the white logo on my tshirt to be sharp, it always has a white bloom around it like its out of focus, but then i notice so do all the edges, am i doing something wrong?

You can see what i mean around my tshirt logo, but also around the outline of my hand, and around my ear as well.

I have played with every setting and changed the lighting in the room and cleaned the leanse nothing changes it.



3 Replies

there must be a focal spot that it likes and eveything else goes slightly out of focus.


i tested it by using a business car in front of my face and set the focus to clear the writing, then moved it down to where the huel logo was on my chest and its harder to read, so i wonder what shape of lense it has, or its its even meant to do that


the videos i have seen on the camera dont seem to do this,


hmm ive just tried it again.


turned the computer off while i had dinner, came back to it and went back into synapse and its al sharpe now.


very strange, i noticed the camera was hot last time, should it have been? i assume all that processing has to be done somewhere and its gonna get hot.


this is in OBS so much better, wonder if it just needed a hard reset maybe it was stuck between modes. 

ill update again if it does it when it gets hot