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Razer Ripsaw HD + USB headset work-around / fixed!

  • 27 June 2020
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So let me explain my situation first as it might differ a bit from yours.

My setup is PC-Ripsaw HD-PS4. I didn't have a 3.5mm headset, just my Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 which uses USB and was connected to my PC. So what I wanted was, to hear my PS4 audio through my headset via my PC. But that doesn't just do it by simply connecting your PC to your Ripsaw to your PS4. So in order for you for this to work, your headset needs to be connected to your PC, which I hope is possible for you! I have 2 monitors and I just hooked up one to be my PS4 monitor whenever I want to play on PS4 so everything for me is close to each other.

Now on to my workaround. I use a software called: VoiceMeeter Banana: https://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/banana.htm. It's free software. You might want to download their virtual audio cable as well, so you can expand some things, though for this solution it's not necessary. If you have a huge setup with lots of software and want to fully customize, you could get VoiceMeeter Potato. Gives you 5 inputs and outputs instead of 3 on Banana. Though for this setup, we only need Banana.
Now once you have downloaded it open it. Note, it downloads Banana as well as the regular version, but open Banana.

First go to menu on the top right and check "System Tray (Run at startup)". Then go to your Windows Sound Settings (so not in the app) and instead of selecting your usual audio output, select "VoiceMeeter Input (VB-Audio VoiceMeeter VAIO)". Set the master volume of it to 100. Now you won't hear anything no matter what audio is playing. But we fix that now.

Back to Banana, on the top right below menu you'll find Hardware Out with A1, A2 and A3 next to it. For now click on A1 and select your headset or audio output of choice. There will be multiple versions however. WDM, KS and MME. Try WDM first, then MME. For me WDM gives static sound so I use MME. However WDM has better latency if your PC can handle it. Now whatever type works best will be the type you have to use for your inputs as well. We come to that later, because right now you still don't hear anything and can't see which one is better. In the middle you find Virtual inputs and a lot of weird stuff you don't need to concern yourself with. Just below you'll find A1, A2, A3, B1, B2. Deselect every one of those if some are pre-selected (on the hardware inputs and virtual inputs as well, all of them). After you have done that. Select only A1 and B1 below virtual inputs and only underneath VoiceMeeter VAIO. Now you should be hearing audio if you play any form of audio ON YOUR PC. Not yet your PS4 audio. Check for static and perhaps switch to MME.

Now your headset probably has a mic or you have a standalone mic. On the top left, click on Hardware Input 1 and select your mic of choice. Make sure when choosing between WDM and MME, it's the same as your headset audio. Then below all you have to do is select B1. Want to hear yourself? Select A1 as well, you can talk and hear yourself through your headset.

Then the most important one. Hardware input 2. Select "Microphone (Razer Ripsaw HD HDMI)" the option without HDMI does not work! Also again, if you use WDM for your headset and mic, use it here again. Then below select A1 if you want to hear the sound yourself and B1 if you also want your stream to hear it. Now you should be able to hear your PS4 audio. For me it was a bit on the low volume, so I increased the Fader Gain a bit.

Now the last step. Setting up your streaming software. I use streamlabs OBS, however it should work the same for every streaming software, might be in a different place. Go to your "insert your streaming software here" settings and go to audio. For me I see Desktop Audio Device 1 and 2, and I see Mic/Auxiliary device 1,2 and 3. Disable all of them, except Mic/Auxiliary 1. Select VoiceMeeter Output (VB-Audio VoiceMeeter VAIO) there. Save it and now everything should be set-up for you!

I hope this helps you with your problem. I know it's not ideal but may it help nonetheless! If you have any other questions you can always ask me, perhaps about VoiceMeeter Banana or other issues you came across, you can always ask me. I'll try my best to help! :)

Note: What I did find out is that changing the master volume of VoiceMeeter Input (VB-Audio VoiceMeeter VAIO) does not do anything for me. If you want to change the input/output volumes and stuff, you all need to do that in VoiceMeeter Banana itself with corresponding Fader Gains or change it in the app/game/video/etc.. Now you can do a lot more with Voicemeeter Banana if you know your audio tech. (Work with the equalizers, treble, Bass, etc.)

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You could also use the built in stereo mix in windows and monitor the Ripsaw HD HDMI audio to whatever sound device you want . 🙂