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Razer Ripsaw (not HD) massive Problems after updating to Win10

  • 30 December 2020
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Hey guys, maybe one of you had sommething similar happen to them or maybe you have some new Ideas that i didnt try so far.

Situation so far:
After updating to Win10 because of Cyberpunk2077, my Razer Ripsaw almost completly kills my PC if i try to capture anything with it. I get in OBS/XSplit alot of tearing, slowdowns and fragmenting. My CPU jumps from idle 10% without being live to around 50-60% and my PC gets really slow, my Mouse only moves for like 2 secs stops and then moves again and so on.

What i tried so far:
reinstall of the Ripsaw Drivers
reinstall OBS /Streamlabs OBS and XSplit
tried a new USB Cable for the Ripsaw as my old one has seen better Days
reset Wins10 Camera Options as i read that could give Problems for the Ripsaw in older Win10 Editions
tried different USB 3 Ports on my PC

My PC is an i7-5820 6 cores a 3,3ghz, on an msi x99s motherboard with around 32gb of ram, it shouldnt have such slowdowns esspecially if im not even live and just want to use the ripsaw to mirror my Switch onto my PC Monitor for a little bit of Mario Kart 8 online.

Would be grateful for any kind of help and if nothing helps, i will probably get the Ripsaw HD. The old Ripsaw did good work for around 3 Years.

best regards

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