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Raiju Tournament Edition Firmware 1.05 Input Lag PS4

  • 13 April 2020
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Hello Everybody,

I recently bought a Raiju TE, unfortunately without knowing of the severe Bluetooth problems on PS4.
The Controller came with Firmware 1.05 preinstallled, i cannot make any further Firmware updates.
SUPPORT didnt react until now, 48h after ticket raised to be fair.

Does anyone here have the same problem still and do you know of any possible fix for this? I really like the Raiju, would be a little disappointed to send it back.

Also I would be happy to have an official statrment from razer what they are planning to solve this issue, since the updates 1.3 -1.5 are clearly not solving the problem.

Kind regards

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6 Replies

I'm already on the second controller with same issue. And already waiting for the 3rd replacemant. In wired mode is flawless, but wireless it's impossible.
The best you can do is to contact support, and be patient. I have no complaints about costumer service.

Hi, thanks for your shared experience!

I don't think i will wait for replacement devices on and on,
Sounds like they still don't know how to fix this!?
I still can't believe they threw out a controller built for consoles in particular ps4, that actually doesn't work well with ps4. I just don't see, how this could happen, and why you still sell a product to customers, you know many of them will be very dissatisfied with...

Or are there actually proofed units out there, that are working fine? And its an enormous lack of built quality in some units?
I guess not.

If i don't get a quick response from support (5 days and waiting),
with a firmware solution,
I'll just send the darn thing back and will never again buy a product of this company.
I've seen a few that didn't have any problem. There are even some reviews in the youtube that confirm that.
There are others that kept sending the controllers back till they got one that had no flaws.

I know that seams that most of the controllers out there are failling and have problems, but I think and believe that it's not true.
People usually only complaint when things goes wrong, and say nothing when things goes right, that's why it looks like that the controllers are all with problems.
But if that was true, I believe Razer would pull them out off the market till they fix it or replace it for another.

Also the problem seams to me that it is the connection with the PS4, the main reason why we bought this controller (at least that's why I bought it), both controllers I had so far, worked well in wired mode and connected to the PC.
I read somewhere that the PS4 bluetooth was difficult to crack, that's why most of other brands use a dongle to connect the controller wireless, and Razer did something to be different than the others, so it's normal to expect some problems, they just have to fix them.

Yes Razer did fail, to send a controller to the market without proper test was a major fault.

But if people keeps just sending the controllers back, and come to the web just dissing out of them, without speaking to them and explain exactly what is wrong, they will never be able to fix the controller properly.

It's like if we were beta testers of the final product, we have to be patient an report everything exactly how it happens so they are able to make the changes necessary to present a quality product for us.
I can see where you're coming from,
and yes i also think razer was probably trying to be innovative by using the native ps4 Bluetooth connection and sadly it didnt work out.

But i'd disagree in one point:

I didn't pay 100 bucks to be a beta tester,
That regularly sends in his device,
gives feedback and whatnot,
All for free ;-)

But nevertheless,
I'll probably go for a scuff or an astro c40...
I know what you mean. And agree with you. I will not be changing controllers for ever. But still, I give it a try.
The process also takes too long. I'll give it another shot or 2. Then if not resolved, I'll go to another.
But the feel of this controller in the hand is awesome, I just want it to be proper functioning.

Yeah, it feels great, this is why i even bothered to create a thread on here. Sad thing